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Originally Posted by revychevy View Post
They are putting a 6.2 liter V8 in the New SS sedan, they put 6.2 liters in the Stingray, why would they put a smaller displacement engine in the best selling pony car in the land?

So the Camaro SS can get beat by the GT? Again? Put that DI 6.2 in that baby and there is your mpg savings AND your grunt. How do you even argue that the 5.3 liter is better than 6.2 if they are both DI with cylinder deactivation?
Never said a 5.3 is better then a 6.2 just liked the idea of multiple v8's. A 5.3 is a great engine and I'm sure it's going to be even better now with di so don't act like it can't be a strong setup when paired up with a lighter 6th gen camaro. A lot of people want a v8 but don't need or want the baddest setup which is why every v8 camaro sold isn't a zl1.
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