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Originally Posted by sspolo View Post
One thing I would hate would be a 7 or 8 speed transmission since it would shift too much.
See if I've got this straight - people want tap-shift in order to emulate the 3-pedal conventional MT driving experience, but only to a point.

Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
Besides, if GM Camaro team is REALLY listening, as they have said they are, and the Camaro disciples have said they are, and Scott (Fbodfather) says they are, then this is a great outlet to show them what we want.
I'm sure that they're listening. What matters is how much weight they're willing to give the opinions of us enthusiasts relative to whatever the lowest-common-denominator transportation-appliance buyer expects.

Originally Posted by TooCool5 View Post
I'd like to see a Supercharged Direct Injection 3800 V6 as an option.
IMO one of the best engine built.
You do realize that the 3800/3.8/nee 231 is basically a late 1950's design, don't you? There is no longer sufficient reason for a V6 to have the V8's 90 design.

Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
Personally wouldnt want to HEAR a 4cyl Camaro, guess this is how the V8 guys feel about us
Sooner or later, somebody was going to say that. What's funny now that 4's of any configuration are likely, sixxer fans are actually starting to get support from the V8 segment.

Originally Posted by trademaster View Post
If the LT1 is 450hp and they offered a turbo 4 base engine, then maybe the tt 6 they have been working on around 370hp, that would be very cool.
TT to get only 370-ish HP because you can't be crowding the 450 HP V8 doesn't seem worth the effort. It would be even harder to justify as a midpoint between a NA V6 and the V8 than the NA V6 is between a turbo-4 and the V8.

Dunno, maybe an uprated NA V6 fitted as the manual transmission entry point and the turbo-4 with the automatics is a possibility. Still only two combinations to certify. The sixxer would be better at very low revs where you'd really rather not have to downshift no matter who you are (trust me on this point). And the AT would keep you out of such situations at least when driven in full automatic mode (like most buyers really would) and you'd be into boost almost instantly.

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