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Originally Posted by RallySportRand View Post
Have there been any numbers for mileage expectations for the 6th Gen?

I don't understand why we can make a microchip so small it can fit on the head of a pin, but we can't make V8 400+ hp engines that get can 40+ mpg's.

I'd love to see a world where muscle cars and pick-ups get great power AND mileage.
Because those microchips aren't supercomputers in terms of performance.

We can make 4 cylinder engines with the same power levels that 15 years ago would have been 25-28mpg...and are now getting 40-45...In terms of mpgs...the current Camaro SS would have been rated somewhere like 27, 28mpg hwy in 2007, before they changed the rules.

It's rumored that the new Corvette will be rated at or very close to 30mpg hwy with it's 450+ hp LT1 engine...If that is true, and a 6th-gen Camaro uses the same engine...I'm predicting a 28mpg V8 Camaro....

But outside of all the guessing....we got nuthin'.
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