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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
Chevy has the luxuary of waiting to see how the Mustang redesign goes. If the Mustang bombs I'd bet a weeks pay you'll see an evolution of the 5th gen. instead of a total redesign for the Camaro. Camaros are selling well right now. don't want to turn buyers off with a bad design like they did with the 4th gen.
I don't think there's ANY link between Camaro design and Mustang...this opinion besides what Fen and Blur said above.

Mustang chose to go retro in 2005 and made some positive waves in the segment because they were able to pull it off in a modern way...Challenger chose to carbon-copy the original (or at least get as close as possible), and produced what many could consider a 100% retro look.

Camaro, by contrast, is a throughly modern design that uses some cues from the 1969 model to drive inspiration. There are only a handful of design elements that they pulled directly off the 69, though. It is not "retro", like the other two.

The Camaro has handily "won" the award for best-looking of the 3...I think sales reflect that. So if I had to venture a guess...I'd say that the Camaro Team is far more worried about living up to the high bar they've set with this generation's design...than what Ford makes their pony car look like.
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