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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
It's just an observation I've noticed. Anything new or changed is met with a good deal of resistance here. The only thing I can conclude from that is people simply don't want their 5th gens to become yesterday's news.
That's fair. But by naming the site, I felt as though you were reflecting on the majority here, and I don't believe that's the case.....I'd also contend that it's less of an insecurity-based issue, and more of an extreme passion/enthusiasm or "I believe Camaro is: this - don't change it"...issue.

We saw this much worse right after the concept Camaro came out. Some 4th-gen die-hard absolutely hated the concept of a new Camaro as it, many of those folks are driving one.

...though, not all. You can't please everyone.
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