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Originally Posted by Casperadub70 View Post
Im not sure if anyone has thought of the history of Camaros.
67-69 3 years
70-81 lasted for 11 years with a few changes on the way
82-92 lasted 10 years with a few changes
93-02 lasted 9 years with a fairly big change in 97-98 but still kept the basic body.
10-13. Its only been 3 years.
I would think its just time for a minor change and a few more years of the same body.
Just my two cents
It's actually 4 years. Model years '10, '11, '12 and '13 with a '14 refresh and '15 final year. Camaro production will shift to Lansing some time in 2015, probably for the '16 model year.
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