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Fell in love with the 5th Gen. concept but waited until May 2010 to preorder a 2011 2LT, before the 2011 models went into production. Did not need another car but loved the Gen. 5 body style. I am older, low milage driver, said to self, this might be last new car purchase (I paid cash) and can be happy with Gen 5 body style for the next 10-15 years (or before I die).
Will consider a Gen 6 Camaro only if offered in a true two door hardtop coupe, pillarless body style like the Gen 5 concept. Was considering a Mercedes 'E' class pillarless hardtop coupe before buying the Camaro.
Love my 2011 Camaro as is but not my perfect auto. Plastic interior needs to be improved with better quality finishes/materials. Would prefer a pillarless two door hardtop coupe, might even consider a convertible.
Not much interested in a smaller Camaro. If Camaro get smaller, might as well go for a 2014 Corvette (sort of like the body style). Not interested in a downsized Gen 6 Camaro with no backseat space and limited trunk space. If I tire of my Gen 5 Camaro, and Gen 6 is downsized, I am going to a new Corvette, or for a 2016 Mercedes 'E' class coupe (Mercedes 'E' class 2-door coupe body style will be all new in 2016).
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