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Originally Posted by MBS View Post
Seems a bit quick to me, Car came out in 2010 it is now 2013 , i would think at least 3-4 years maybe more . I do like that pic , car looks awesome , But once again i wont beleive anything till GM puts it out .

Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
Yeah BUT the concept for the current style has been around since 2006. so the style has been around for a while. Also with a new Mustang around the corner, GM will need to refresh the Camaro to keep it exciting until the new model is ready.
the car went into production in 2009

Originally Posted by MikeT View Post
God bless you guys who, for whatever reasons, are hoping the next Camaro is delayed until the 2017 model year... but you're dreaming.

GM has flat-out told the Canadian Auto Workers that Camaro production is ending in Oshawa in 2015. Period. Anyone who knows anything about the automobile business knows that you don't antagonize the unions just for s---s and giggles. Not worth the headaches. If they say the Camaro is moving to Lansing in 2015, they mean it.

And, obviously, they're not going to be building the current Camaro in Lansing alongside the ATS and the CTS, but rather the next Camaro.
Too add to this why in the hell would you pay your employees to learn how to build a car for one year just to change the car and have to pay for them to learn how to build it must be too much like right for some to accept

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