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Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
Honestly the more I see it, look at all the V6s is in different cars, theyre putting out sold HP and fuel economy, I dont see why GM would remove the V6 option all together.
At the end of the day, the 2LS gets 30mpg
Cant expect a sports car to be getting 40mpg.
Thats why theyres different segments.
I think GM would be making a big mistake trying to dilute the Camaro for more fuel econ and yes I know the 4cyl Turbos can make a strong car but it also didnt make sense in the 5th gen, they tried it.
The v6 always seems to be the upper vairant to 4cyl models and I dont see that changing. Atleast I hope not.

Personally wouldnt want to HEAR a 4cyl Camaro, guess this is how the V8 guys feel about us
I hope they keep the V-6 as well...I sort of look at them these days as having the niche of the "small(er)" blocks that we can't get anymore...

With only one V-8 available, the V-6 more than amply fills the need for another engine option...Looks like the I-4 is gonna happen, just think if it kills the V-6, it's a classic case of fixing something that isn't broke...
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