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Honestly the more I see it, look at all the V6s is in different cars, theyre putting out sold HP and fuel economy, I dont see why GM would remove the V6 option all together.
At the end of the day, the 2LS gets 30mpg
Cant expect a sports car to be getting 40mpg.
Thats why theyres different segments.
I think GM would be making a big mistake trying to dilute the Camaro for more fuel econ and yes I know the 4cyl Turbos can make a strong car but it also didnt make sense in the 5th gen, they tried it.
The v6 always seems to be the upper vairant to 4cyl models and I dont see that changing. Atleast I hope not.

Personally wouldnt want to HEAR a 4cyl Camaro, guess this is how the V8 guys feel about us
Consult your doctor before taking Camaro
Side effects include Sudden increase in Heart Rate, Insomnia and occasional hallucinations
If you experience Permagrin exceeding 4 hours after taking Camaro, seek immediate Camaro5 Help
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