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I pretty much agree with many of the other comments here:

1) Side profile looks good and a nice update of the current car, but the fast back doesn't quite work for me. It looks decent on the silver car, but looks a bit odd on some of the other shots. Going a bit more traditional here (not having the roofline swoop go all the way back) instead of fast back would be better.

2) Side windows look a little funny...specifically the swooping shape of the lower part of it.

3) None of those front ends work for me. One too plain, and the other looks like a bug face. soften up the bug face one a bit and go with a different head light design and we could be talking. Give the hood some character...performance cars should NOT have a boring hood! The center bulge the current car has would still work perfectly.

4) Don't see enough of the rear end to know forsure, but I'm thinking it needs a new tail-light design

Overall for someone's mock-up, not too bad, but still no way I'd purchase it if the front looked just like that.
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