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AT&T sucks out here by me, I have zero signal anywhere near my home or office, and I actually switched to Verizon after 15 odd years with AT&T (when it was pac-tel, cingular, and whatever else they called themselves).

So this will never be an option for me..

hell my house alarm company couldn't even get a cell signal thru AT&T (what they opt to use) to the alarm system even after they installed an antenna 10 feet above the roof of my house.. Ended up forcing me to get an land line just for the alarm connection, haven't had a land line in 10 years.


as for why GM went with AT&T, I can venture to guess it is because AT&T has a GSM system where verizon has a CDMA system.

The CDMA system is not easily transferable, with GSM you pull the SIM card and pop into another device (unlocked if not the same company) and all your cellular data follows you.

With CDMA the progamming is internal to the device, making it nearly impossible to swap a device without the core company (in this case Verizon) being involved and re-programming your account to the new device.

I manage 250+ plus Verizon phones for my company and their technology is a royal PITA.. we used to have AT&T but as I said signal issues around here and the company switched..

Used to be someone broke their phone, they came to me, I took their sim popped in into a new phone 30 seconds and they were on their way, same with upgrades..

Now it takes several hours and phone calls to Verizon to swap over all the users info to a new device. PAIN IN THE ASS.


Originally Posted by C586 View Post
Hasn't Chrysler had this for awhile now??
Chrysler tried a couple different things, none of them have been a huge success..

they tried Verizon Broadband a few years back, basically like those hotspot devices, making your car a mobile hotspot, but the system was 3g and failed horribly when the vehicle was moving, I do it with a 4g hotspot and stream netflix for my kid on my ipad and it's mostly flawless, but the Chrysler built in system was horrible, and pricey.. $50+ a month for it and it ONLY worked in the car, unlike the mobile jetpacks you can take anywhere.

they also tried streaming video thru XM/Sirius, but XM/Sirius doesn't have the content that Netflix and others do, and it was also a horrible fail, plus again over priced, like $500 a year aside from your normal XM music fees.
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