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for all the newer members, ABM was available as were all other colors when pre-ordering the Camaro starting August 2008, BUT ABM was NOT available on SS models.
Camaro5 started petition, Scott (fbodfather) announced that GM changed it's mind around thankgiving, I ordered my ABM in December and prior orders 80% (about) were SS, so until then NO ABM SS's were ordered. No one wanted to change their order, problems with RS option being lost with order changes were common, and people did not want to lose their place in first allocation, as orders were placed and accepted by GM months later, I moved from 7 of 9 to number three at dealership, many, because of economy let their orders slip, mine was built on the friday that GM was still GM and delivered when GM was government motors 7 days later, mine never sat in dredded Hold.
So with all the preorders very few were ABM, since most preorders were SS, so very few ABM exist. because sales were low, I believe only 2200 ABM SS out of 3700 built.
Mine was 147th built in June 2009, of the 80,000 orders, so how could ABM not be lowest production, hence CUT.

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