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I don't understand the logic here. Why does GM need to go with the 2ndgen F-body? Does the 7thgen need to look like a 3rdgen?

Right now, the Camaro is a recognizable, awesome vehicle. If GM continues with the styling cues of the current Camaro, GM would be able to evolve an already awesome car. Why should they risk a revolution with every new generation? They'd be potentially killing a new product with risky design. We saw the 5thgen in 2006 as a concept, and it took a lot of time to convert to a production vehicle. With plans to introduce the 6thgen in a limited time, we have yet to see a unique concept vehicle that we can either accept or reject. If they make a 2ndgen-looking car with modern lines and it isn't a hit, then the Camaro nameplate could be in jeopardy. Instead, let's keep that V-shaped grille-with-headlights front end; add something here and there; change the rear end a little; modify the interior styling; and now you've got a 6thgen that maintains the new standard of excellent design that we demanded when the 5thgen came out.
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