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Originally Posted by 1973Camaro View Post
In regards to AFM, we have an 08 Impala w/3.9 v6 AFM. You set the DIC for instant fuel mileage & watch it change back & forth between 3 & 6 cyl mode. It changes back to 6 with the slightest of throttle pressure increase whether accelerating or a slight increase in grade. I don't see how you could experience a lack of performance at any time, just hit the throttle. Also the switch back & forth is almost imperceptable. The only way I can feel it is if I lean my head against the window glass. I would think a v8/v4 would be even smoother.
...Good stuff....Yeah, I've never driven a car with AFM....(Doesn't seem to be very popular on these forums with the Camaros)....perhaps its not really a "performance" killer in the big scheme of things... gosh...when I shopped for my '11, the L99s with AFM were rated at "1" mpg hwy mileage greater than the manual trans cars..."ONE!"...I could see AFM being the greatest thing since a pocket in a shirt if the mileage gains were vastly greater than those without AFM...

Just seems like a ton of technology and what-not for very little gain in mpg...on top of what is perceived as driving a "performance" car on four cylinders...dunno...
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