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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Wondering again about Camaro V-8 options...would rather see them available as a choice from the beginning, instead of year-to-year assembly line change that would only be available for that particular year...
...but if one is a student of GM history, one would know they do not follow that approach you mentioned. They build engines, designate them for platforms/models, that are certified. Certification is a lenghty and time consuming process...thats' what GM does...guarantees their engines within a reasonable degree of cetainty. They do not deviate from that certification, until they come up with a new engine platform. In past history, these powerplants have been used for a predetermined service life. There is no yearly change, or upgrade, and this doctrine has been in place been. There is no reason they would change it. We have not seen what GM has in store with the DI Gen 5 motors. Cadillac and Corvette will unveil the next lineage, from there we shall follow. Stay tuned, and read on beyond C5 for info.
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