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Originally Posted by 90503 View Post
Just curious...If the new Gen6 is smaller, lighter, handles better, etc., how would the hp/torq/0-60, etc. compare to the Gen5?...I've heard code numbers for other V-8's (LS7, whatever), what are we talking in c.i. or horsepower?...Will the LS3 or L99 be unchanged in the Gen6...

(Sort of burned out on the I-4 thing, so what about the "big-dog" engines that may go in the Gen6?)...Thanks...
Your best bet is to look into the new Gen-V small blocks that GM has developed. I'm sure there will be many variants, but the LT-1 in the new Corvette pumps out 450+hp/450+torque, with a torque curve similar to the LS7 up to about 4000 rpms...and dramatically increased fuel economy, too. long as your crystal ball is polished - you're guess is as good as mine!
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