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Originally Posted by Trentin24 View Post
Would you buy this car if it was just a more expensive Honda accord? Yes it looks amazing. But I had a Honda accord and would not want that power back. I hate the idea of putting a 4 cylinder in it. American muscle is supposed to be American muscle, the V6 was even pushing it. They should keep the V8 and V6. No 4 cylinder, no one bought the camaro because of the great gas mileage did they? Buy a Prius.
The Honda Accord comes with either an n/a 4 cylinder or an n/a v6. So, in fact an n/a v6 is more similar to the Accord than a turbo 4 cylinder would be. The v6 in the camaro is a fine engine indeed, but American muscle it is absolutely not. It would be cool to see a mid-tier forced induction 6 in the next gen. If the LT1 is 450hp and they offered a turbo 4 base engine, then maybe the tt 6 they have been working on around 370hp, that would be very cool.
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