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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post

Besides, if GM Camaro team is REALLY listening, as they have said they are, and the Camaro disciples have said they are, and Scott (Fbodfather) says they are, then this is a great outlet to show them what we want.
They are simply not listing because "we" make up for a small percent of camaro owners. Plus GM has teams of people who care figure out for the most part whats going to be a good idea and not.

also THEY KNOW the enthusiasts like the v8s and even v6s because thats also what a lot of the people working for GM also like. but most people buying camaros are not "true" car enthusiasts, and honestly a lot of them would buy a 4 banger camaro that gets great MPG.

In the end its all a business and it follows the corporate games. GM and most car manufacturers want people to feel they are being listened to. Although sure at times i would bet they try to listen, but most of the time they are going to do whats best for the company. (which makes sense)

on a side not, reading Fbodfather threads and post are so dam annoying................... because he writes like this....... lol
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