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Originally Posted by Trentin24 View Post
Would you buy this car if it was just a more expensive Honda accord? Yes it looks amazing. But I had a Honda accord and would not want that power back. I hate the idea of putting a 4 cylinder in it. American muscle is supposed to be American muscle, the V6 was even pushing it. They should keep the V8 and V6. No 4 cylinder, no one bought the camaro because of the great gas mileage did they? Buy a Prius.
Honda accord? I think not. Not to mention todays turbo 4s absolutely rape the car you had power-wise (unless your going to tell me it was also turbo'd) Anyways....moving on...

Lets try to keep the focus of this discussion on the V6 and not have it turn and decay into a discussion about the 4 cylinder. (that thread has gone way wayyyyyy off track)

Look in many ways I agree with your statement. Its American Muscle...lets throw as much horsepower at it as we can while still keeping it an affordable car.

But we know the car can't exist without a base engine option. The V6 is no makes good power and I'm happy with mine, but this is a heavy car. In a lighter car, I'd take the V6 over and over again. Why? Because although I have a nice income, I have other priorities and other expensive hobbies and I'd rather not spend 35K on a car. A 330 - 350HP V6 in a 3,400lb car sounds perfect to me. Make it handle well and feel light on its feet and I'm in heaven.
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