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Who wants to see another V6 engine in the 6th gen??

Lots of talk about the possibility of a turbo 4 in the 6th gen (and I'm betting it will happen) and lots of talk about the new LT1.

There is not as much talk about a V6 engine. (not talking turbo V6 here...just N/A)

First off, let me say, that with a light enough Camaro...somewhere in the 3,300 lb range, a turbo 4 could be a great performer. Especially if they give it 300HP/300TQ or more power.

But with that said, I feel that there could be good space for a V6 in the lineup, and I really hope to see one for several reasons. The current LFX is rated at 323HP, and 278TQ. I don't see why with some tweaking in the 3.6, that can't be raised to somewhere around 330 - 340HP, and 280 - 290 TQ. Keep the gear ratio at the current 3.27, weight around 3,400lbs like the Cadillac ATS and you have yourself a V6 capable of running mid 5s to 60mph and mid to high 13s in the quarter mile. Not to mention, with the lighter weight, I don't see why 30+ mpg on the highway wouldn't be doable.

Lets take that a step further and say they give the car a 7 or 8 speed automatic. That should help performance further, as well as raise hwy MPGs well past the 30 mark. (offtopic, but I hope they keep the tapshift...yes I really enjoy it!)

If we don't see the LFX in the next gen, then I see a case for an engine similar to the new 4.3 going in the Silverado. One bonus about this engine, is the fact that it has cylinder de-activation. I'm betting in a light car, with the proper gears, that it could return some very pleasing MPGs on the highway. Mid to upper 30s easy. Hell, why would you even need a turbo 4 with efficency like that?? For truck duty, that engine is likely cammed and tuned for great torque, and decent horsepower. I'd guess 300+TQ and HP around the same levels. If tweaked for HP, instead of Torque, (similar to how the Ford 5.0 is for Mustang vs. the F150) it should be capable of fantastic numbers.

So here, in my opinion you have the perfect combination of power and efficency. I know to some, nothing less than V8 power will do, and I have no problems with that. But for me, I really love my modded V6. She runs strong. The only big issue I have with the 5th gen is the weight. Some days I drive my (modded) car and think "damn shes running good!" and at other times...I wish I had another 20 - 30 HP/TQ on tap, or about 300+ lbs less weight.

I have no real desire to move to an SS (although I do love that V8 rumble), and with the weight drop that should be coming, I'd buy a V6 all over again. It would be a fantastic car, and don't get me started on how well I think a nicely modded V6 would perform in a light weight Camaro.

So....what do you all think?

EDIT: When I said I see a case for an engine like the new 4.3 V6...I don't actually mean that exact engine. I meant something with the same kind of tech it has. LFX already has direct injection, and cam phasing, but not cylinder deactivation. I realize this is harder to do on a 60 degree engine whereas the 4.3 is a 90 degree engine, but it can be done, as Toyota does it in their Camary.
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