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I know times have changed, but I just hate to see the Camaro (6th Gen) especially, become just another economy transportation vehicle...I think the Gen5 (V6 included) sort of bucked the "trend" of being another run-of-the-mill, a little something for everybody type car...
The 5th Gen v6, I came to believe, was the modern type of what older small displacement v-8s were once upon a time, and the SS v-8's harkened back to what most remember and desired from the older first gen muscle cars...
I hear some "justify" the v6 because many other gen Camaros had them, but don't bring up the vast improvements over the old 6's, yet the I-4 is always touted as not being the same old dog 4-bangers...
...Just sayin' the "image" of what made the Camaro a success with the fifth gen, will be lost with the addition of a four-cylinder engine on the 6th, and the for the Camaro line of cars, a V-6 is "base" enough....Why it can't remain something "special", instead of going 4-cyl, like just about all other model lines have done is, for lack of a better expression, "watering-down" the image of the car, and may result in hurting sales, rather than improving them...

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