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Originally Posted by revychevy View Post
I get that a lot of you guys like low displacement turbo green cars, but why do you need to attack a guy who says he would only buy the V8? That's what he likes. A lot of us like it. If no one wanted to buy a V8 version of this car we wouldn't need anything but a Malibu. Showing a $150,000 electric super car means nothing. Might as well show a Bugatti.
No one is attacking anyone for liking v8 cars... People are defending the idea of there being a variety of engines in the Camaro. No one said to get rid of v8s, no one said you couldn't buy your v8. People are trying to explain to the people on this forum who are close minded that if it weren't for the variety of engine packages that the business justification for a Camaro model at all would not be enough to support the production of the car alone. At the very least, you NEED a base model engine to sustain the justification of the car. With the 6th gen, alpha based, Camaro possibly having the much needed weight reduction it needs combined with the performance capabilities of the I4 that GM is making today, many of us are open to the idea of an I4 being one of the choices for engines. It makes no impact on someone who wants to buy an SS with a v8.

Simply put, if adding an I4 engine to the 6th gen lineup means they sell 100,000 cars instead of 90,000 cars (pulling easy numbers out my ass) then why not? It just means that we ALL have a better chance of seeing a 7th gen, 8th gen, 9th gen Camaro... a win-win for all of us. It simply will not affect anyone who only wants to buy the SS, Z28, ZL1, whatever model.

Another classic example - for all the hate people give on the v6s. How many people on this site bought a v6 and then upgraded to an SS? If they hadn't bought that v6 to fall even more in love with the Camaro, for all we know they could have gone with a Mustang or some other car entirely. Because they offered the v6 GM got two sales out of them...
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