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Originally Posted by revychevy View Post
I get that a lot of you guys like low displacement turbo green cars, but why do you need to attack a guy who says he would only buy the V8? That's what he likes. A lot of us like it. If no one wanted to buy a V8 version of this car we wouldn't need anything but a Malibu. Showing a $150,000 electric super car means nothing. Might as well show a Bugatti.
What I see, is if this small displacement I-4 engine is such a great thing, they are a dime a dozen in existing makes of smaller, lighter platforms...If someone is such a fan of these engines, I don't see why they "need" to be put into a Camaro...

...I disagree with the argument that these cars need a small engine for the V-8 to even be available, (as if the fours and sixes were doing us a favor)...I see it the other way around, the V-8 gives the car it's appeal, and the Camaro wouldn't have been built if it weren't for the V-8, not the other way around...

I saw the thread that showed the production numbers for the 2011-2012 I re-call, the V-6 was not a runaway majority, it was fairly even....
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