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Originally Posted by Larz29 View Post
Why would anyone want a 4 cyl camaro?? Sounds a bit lame.
Because for lots of folks, hardcore performance and even the characteristic V8 rumble does not mean much. "Peppy" performance, sure, and 260-ish HP and torque is entirely sufficient to give you that in a 3400-ish lb car and satisfy the vast majority of car buyers. Trust me on this point.

It's just that it's hard to see how people can think that way when you're a member of a forum with countless threads devoted to tunes, supercharging, and "which exhaust should I get". It really is hard to see the "non-enthusiast" mindset.

And like was said at least once already, all those people who would support the Camaro platform by buying it in 4-cylinder trim would be making it possible for you to have it in any trim at all. I wouldn't diss their choice so lightly.

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