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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
The problem that most of the close minded folks who think only a v8 belongs in the Camaro is that they don't realize that if the Camaro was v8 only there would not be enough business justification for the vehicle to exist. Without the v6, there would be no Camaro. Period.

Furthermore, my 1994 Camaro was a v6 when I bought it. I'm now one of the most passionate Camaro enthusiasts you'll meet. I run a Michigan-based Camaro and Firebird website with over 2300 members, I host a 300+ Camaro and Firebird specific car show every year, go to a ton of shows through the "car show season" in Michigan, registered on basically every Camaro forum on the internet, etc. Because of my '94 Camaro v6, I am likewise passionate about General Motors in general which made me work extra hard to get a job at General Motors world headquarters in Detroit. I eat, breathe, sleep GM and Camaro. I cannot imagine NOT owning at least one Camaro now for the rest of my life... And all that because of a v6...

So when I found out I could afford a 5th gen if I went with the base, 1LS model... Yeah, I didn't hesitate.
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