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The sales trend from the monthly sales figures threads shows the Camaro has been on a downward slope (GRADUAL... but still downward) for a little while now. Like others said, the design is old... it's been out since 2006. Plus we've all been wanting a lighter Camaro, the Alpha platform will deliver that.

For those that think the 6th gen is only being pushed on here, there's ************* which is a rip off site all about the 6th gen. Calling it a rip off site because they originally came out as "Camaro6" on facebook and then, presumably, either Camaro5 got on them about it or they realized was already unavailable so they added the "g" in. Then when their forum came up they went around to other sites grabbing threads off there... Just like they have a 2016 6th Gen Wish List similar to what's posted here.

That said - honestly I think the community on here is quite sheltered to what the rest of the public wants. On here, the 5th gen is the best thing since sliced bread. Out in the public it's not always the same feelings. I love the 5th gen because it's the first car I've ever been able to follow from leaked clay models to production but let's face it - there's a lot of things to not like about the 5th gen ... from the high belt line, the weight, blind spots, no t-tops, tiny porthole windows, etc. Again, I love my 5th gen even though I'm thinking about selling it, but I'm really excited to see what the 6th gen will have to offer.

Lastly -- Don't get down about the 5th gen being old, the Camaro team still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

Edit: LMAO Really???? "*************" is censored? Trying to control your membership, much? Ironic I post about the community here being sheltered and then post only to find out "other" Camaro websites are censored from even being posted...
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