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Scene 1. A space ship blasts off. Its a manned mission to mars.

Next scene. The space ship lands in a salt flats looking place only its red. (Its mars)

Next scene. The two astrounauts climb down the ladder or ramp of the space ship and cautiously remove thier helmets and take in a deep breath. One astronaut says to the other, "wow, there is breathable air here! I wonder what other wonders we're going to find here?"

Next scene. A Camaro comes zooming by, kicking up a cloud of red dust with two martians (driver and passenger) yelling "wooooo hooooo"' waving to the astronauts as they speed by.

Last scene. The astronauts, in a cloud if fading red dust waving thier hands in front of thier faces, look bewildered and wave back in total disbelief, the one astronaut looks to the other and says, "They are SOOOO much more advanced than we are."

The tag line: "The new Chevrolet Camaro. More advanced. More fun."
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