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Originally Posted by 2L82RUN View Post
I had heard it was discontinued due to ABM being the lowest sold color at the time. I attributed it to the fact that the color sample GM put in their brochures made ABM appear to be more of a teal green tinted blue color. When folks see ABM in person they flip out and I constantly hear that isn't anything like the color sample I saw. Definitely a color you have to see in person (and in sunlight) to appreciate. Proud to be one of the few blue!!
Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
ABM was a slow seller.
I believe it was one of the least popular colors the year it was available.

As mentioned in some other posts, a different blue would be a better choice.
Yes it was a low seller and that is why it was discontinued and I don't think it will ever come back. That is fine by me. But I also strongly agree with the first post about online images, paint samples and such did never did the color justice. I have always been a fan of blue, but I never even considered ABM until I started seeing real shots of the color. Then my mind was changed. So based on my experience, I'm sure others felt the same.

Would enough have bought it to keep it around if they had seen it in person?? Who knows....maybe not.

But to me....this new Kinetic blue is the best of the blues. It is the perfect medium blue and looks to pop in the sun without having too much teal on cloudy days. I guess if GM every decides to make it a general color instead of special edition that will really tell the tale.
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