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Regardless, GM or any other OEM for that matter, isn't in the business to market colors. If they don't sell they move on. It's that simple.

It sounds like you guys are saying that if the dealer simply fronted money for ABM cars that more would have sold or if GM had done a better of a color swatch in the brochure it would have sold.

I always feel like you guys are trying to defend your color choice. I'd just be happy my car was more rare and that I personally was happy with my color.

Blues are always going to be low runners. When we shopped for our Audi the dealer said he had a beautiful used A4 Avant but he couldn't give it away (his exageration cuz I would have taken it on the spot ) because it was...................BLUE.

From PPG, one of the top paint suppliers here are the 2012 numbers. In Europe, Asia and NA, Blue is at 7 and 8%.

Regional details regarding PPG’s 2012 automotive color popularity data:
In North America, white ranks first (21 percent), followed by black (19 percent), silver and gray (16 percent each), red (10 percent), blue (8 percent), natural (7 percent) and green (3 percent).

In Europe, white is also most popular (23 percent), followed by black (21 percent), gray (17 percent), silver (13 percent), blue, natural and red (7 percent each), other colors (3 percent) and green (2 percent).

In the Asia Pacific region, silver and white tied for most popular (23 percent each), followed by black (19 percent), natural (10 percent), red (9 percent), gray (8 percent), blue (7 percent) and green (1 percent).

Love ABM. Have a ton of photos of one of the early LTs in ABM and it was a beautiful car. It just isn't my favorite and the numbers from PPG show it isn't a lot of peoples favorite.

The only thing GM would care about is how many people out there are NOT buying a Camaro because ABM isn't available.
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