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I don't understand all the negativity being directed toward the OP because a big part of the reason for buying a really expensive, exotic car like the ZL1 is to show the world how special you are. And if regular people can alter their plebian vehicles to mimic the appearance of your exotic, well then that defeats a large purpose of owning the exotic, doesn't it?

I feel your pain, OP.

Personally, I do not even wear my Rolex anymore because of the rampant proliferation of knock-offs that any poor person could afford. The final straw came when someone complimented my watch, but then asked if it was real. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Then, just the other night, while the wife and I were waiting for our usual table at Smith & Wollensky's, a woman, clearly a commoner (upper middle class at best), came in and stood next to us carrying what was obviously a counterfiet Prada bag. Needless to say the wife, carrying a real one, was embarassed beyond words and could only be placated with a buying spree at Tiffany's.

So yes, when regular people try to pretend they are us it is upsetting. Most people on this forum won't get that, but I've got your back.
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