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Originally Posted by Bad@ssCamaro View Post
Amen to that. My understanding is the OP's belief stem's from a purists perspective as to where a car's value stem's from the original equipment that is on the vehicle when it leaves the factory. His wish is only for GM to create a car so special and unique that it makes it very difficult and monetarily challenging for it to be replicated. Granted that is a tall order and would seem, like someone mentioned earlier, that would also put it in a price range that would make it exclusive also.

I think the Corvette could be used as an example as it doesn't have different body components as you change from the base to the ZR1 except for GFX, wheels and spoilers. The Camaro has 3 different front bumpers available from the factory and 3 different hoods. I think this is what his wish is for GM to produce a body style that doesn't need to have interchangeable body components in order to identify what car/trim level we are driving.
I know when I see a Corvette, I'm trying to distinguish what gen 1st and then look for the badges and added styling cues (from the factory) to see what trim level it is from there. I would think MOST people would want it this way, but there are plenty of others that want to add their own uniqueness to the car, hence the reason for aftermarket companies to satisfy these individuals.
Well said.