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Originally Posted by Mr. Wyndham View Post
That's an interesting thought...I tend to feel the opposite: people admire and want to look like the ZL1/1LE...that's the best compliment you can get!
Originally Posted by GunnyG View Post
Say bruh, I've been reading this thread the past two days figuring whether I agree or disagree with you. It's great you have the passion for the car. to that. There will always be people who see things differently. And the internet gives chance for them to say things they wouldn't ordinarily say out loud. I think GM made the most important thing about the ZL-1 unreplicateable. The Magnetic Ride Control. No matter what you do to any V6 or SS, you can't replicate that. Sure, an aftermarket blower on an SS can give it more power...sure, the front ends can be swapped. But, for what it's worth, the VIN and MRC sets the Z apart. I doubt if GM takes any design advice from the forum. If so, the Z-28 would be in production. But, this is a public place...LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!
I don't know if your post count() has anything to do with your reply to this thread but, I both of you and your comments. Nothing immature or disrespectful about it, thanks! Especially to you GySgt!