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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
GM, just me personally but id take some consideration into making the ZL1, Z/28 models (or whatever high end model you deicde to go with) harder for others to make there LS/LT/SS into them. It may be impossible but owning several models I've never been the type to slap other models parts on it to make it a clone(unless it was produced that way from factory, i.e 1LE). It may be harder to manufacture but making it extremely difficult would deter others to clone.

Some may disagree but owning a ZL1 I've seen alot of cloning/copying going on as of lately, from the 1LE/ZL1 rims, to ZL1 conversion kits. It makes owning an actual ZL1 alittle less pleasing. I understand rims being easy to buy but making exterior changes to the body dramatically will make people think twice about doing major modifications. Simple bolt-on parts are what is making people do it, take that way, and that'll cure that issue. I understand you'll stay have the die hard cloners but giving them some speed bumps could be easy. Just like its hard for others to install the mylink Nav into older models the same could be done for other areas.

Just my thoughts and opinions. Thanks.
That's an interesting thought...I tend to feel the opposite: people admire and want to look like the ZL1/1LE...that's the best compliment you can get!
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