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Originally Posted by ToolFan66 View Post
The topic was addressed to the public, it's not like you sent a letter or email and we intercepted it..

Your request is stupid and will never happen. I for one am ok with interchangeable parts I just don't like people badging the car something it is not.

I also didn't mean that you go away from here.. I'm all for us all being here enjoying these cars and us having different views, even if we don't see eye to eye sometimes..

I'm fully aware that not everyone would agree with my statement. If my statement is stupid in your eyes so be it. I could care less really what you think to be completely honest, lol. It wasn't addressed to you even to begin with but this is a forum and others are obviously allowed to put their input in which is there right. That's what I love about this forum, hence why after my first Camaro was sold I had to buy another and another and another and another and another...

Im allll for interchangeable parts as well. The ZL1, 1LE, Dusk, Hot Wheels edition share those parts which is fine since they came from factory that way. Did a LS come with a ZL1 front end? No. Why do you think GM hasnt officially released a conversion kit? You already know the answer. And the point I am making is for GM to make it harder for the major exterior modifications harder to replicate on whatever model they decide to call "the big one". I'm not referring to the 1LE/ZL1 rims in any of this just strictly exterior body modifications.

The only thing me and you have in common is that we enjoy cars even if we don't agree with everything. But that's where the line is drawn.