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Originally Posted by FINALLYSATISFIED View Post
Do I care if nobody agreed with me? No. Was I searching to win a popularity contest? No. I'm not a follower, never have, never will be. The topic wasn't addressed to you. I don't come home to you every night last time I checked, in other words I could care less about your emotional state of being. I had an opinion, so I said it.

Sounds like you need to do the moving on because I'm not going anywhere.

The topic was addressed to the public, it's not like you sent a letter or email and we intercepted it..

Your request is stupid and will never happen. I for one am ok with interchangeable parts I just don't like people badging the car something it is not.

I also didn't mean that you go away from here.. I'm all for us all being here enjoying these cars and us having different views, even if we don't see eye to eye sometimes..


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