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Originally Posted by monstertodd View Post
If you're looking for an exclusive car, you're buying the wrong brand.
Short sweet and true.

Originally Posted by daveagogo1 View Post
I'm sorry but, a $55k car simply isn't exclusive. Hell my wifes Chevy Traverse cost 40k. I can probably quickly find 10 suburban soccer mom SUV's in my neighborhood alone that cost as much or more than that ZL1 does lol.

Deal with it.
Correct, you can't buy exclusive until your'e well into three digits my friend.

OP, I completely understand your frustration but doesn't the 1LE share the wheels off the ZL1? You had a 1LE right?

I don't like poser cars either, but I don't consider borrowing parts from a upper level car to make your car look or perform better a poser car. It's only when a car gets rebadged as something it's not or someone tries to pass it off as somthing it's not that it makes me laugh.

I had a 2011 Corvette Grand Sport and some ZO6 owners got butt hurt cause it had the same widebody as theres. GM did that not me, and they sold.

I currently have a 2013 SS with a 1LE splitter, ZL1 rockers and a Vert spoiler. I have waiting to be installed the ZL1 rear diffuser. I love the ZL1 wheels, but I will go with a different wheel because I don't want people to think it's just a ZL1! LOL J/K

I have had MANY cars in my lifetime and have always modded them, but tastefully. Unless your ready to spend six figures or more forget about being exclusive and enjoy your car.
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