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Talking The Camaro Rumors Thread (6thgen)

I heard some rumors about the 6thgen, and I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully, I don't get anyone in trouble for posting this, but this stuff is way too juicy to keep to myself.

I heard the 6thgen Camaro will still be heavier than the Mustang. :( GM says there's nothing they can do about it since they are not resorting to toilet paper roll-based axles and driveshaft, unlike the Mustang.

I found some spec sheets that suggest the Camaro will have a trim and drain system. For those of you unfamiliar, this is a common engineering system on naval ships for the purpose of balancing the vehicle on water. Not only will the Camaro be the first naval powerhouse at the quarter mile track, but it will be competing in watersports. Rumor has it that this is the true reason they didn't put it into NASCAR.

Additionally, the Z28 will be powered by a 700-horsepower turbo-diesel that has yet to be released. The torque rating for this monstrosity is 1,200-lb-ft with a towing capacity of 1 ton limited by the sporty structure of the car. Supposedly, a ute is planned to be released as the new El Camino with a fully boxed frame and standard electronic 4WD.

The next ZL1 is not going to be left in the dust by a Z28. That would defy tradition! Instead, look forward to a 100-MW (134,102-hp) nuclear reactor designed by the United States Navy. The ZL1 is expected to complete the quarter mile in several minutes due to uncontrollable traction issues, however.
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