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The worst thing in my SS is the stupid small sun visors. The few times i tried to use it i wasted time trying to adjust it only finding out that no matter how much i tried to adjust / angle it i had to flip it back up because it did absolutely nothing!

Really wish i had an actual spare tire instead of a compressor with some slime crap to inject into the flat tire if it won't hold air on it's own. I can just see the tire repair shop getting pissed as he has that slime crap going all over the place.

Skip shift was a problem until i got a skip shift eliminator.

Wish they had a better shifter for the 6-speed. It was notchy as hell and hard to shift at times. After switching the stock shifter to a MGW shifter, switching out the trans fluid for synthetic and then finally switching out the clutch master cylinder with Ideal G garage's modified clutch master cylinder it works great now but it did cost me time and money to get right.
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