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Originally Posted by karguy View Post
I know a lot of speculation about what and when but a few hints for the developers of the new Camaro.
I really don't care if it will be retro or modern to attract the fast and furious crowd as long as the new Camaro will be lighter,good looking and has a better outward visibility than the current version !
The current car has to many practical diusadvantages due to the slightly cartoonish design that unfortunately is not as clean as the origional.
I hope those mistakes won't be repeated !
I also hope the new one will also get a practical hatchback with a useful trunk.
Good visibility for lane changing,parking and putting the car on the track !
Analog gauges !
An LT1 V8 with 450 hp and 3400 lbs max.
Please a button to deactivate cylinder deactivation...
Good mpg is great but please not at the expense of no V-8 sound at low rpm...
And keep it affordable.
Around $35K for the V-8 version !
The new one can't come soon enough...
If you go the retro route the first,70 Z-28 and 89 IROC are still the better looking Camaros of all time.
I still would love to drive an 88-89 IROC with better build quality,better brakes,IRS and LS-3 engine !
Better looking than gen4 and gen5 and more practical to boot !
Bring IROC back to stir up the interest...
And you want all of that priced at $35,000

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