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Good thread!

All I want for Christmas is a 6th-gen Camaro that:

1) Evolves from and improves the current design, rather than being something totally new and different. No need for that - the design language in our car looks phenomenal. The only two things I'd change if I were in charge would be to lower the belt-line, and sit the driver lower in the car.

2) Puts performance just as high on the totem pole as design. One example underlines them all....which the concept car looked amazing, standard 20" heavy wheels on a performance model probably hurt some of it's potential. This time around - there's no concept car to impede performance goals....

3) Includes some of the new Corvette's electronic gizmos and gadgets...namely, the Driver Mode Selector tool that lets the driver turn things on and off. NPP exhaust is great, Mag Ride is great, AFM, and PTM is great! Camaro should, like the Corvette, integrate them all together in one fantastic feature that no-one else has.

4) Offer Magnetic Ride Control on the SS-level performance model (crossing my fingers you call the next-gen SS a Z28 instead).

5) Incorporates a slightly-more driver-focused interior that relies less on wild shapes and individual design elements, and more on function and overall design...again, sort of like Corvette.

I promise you this, Camaro team...if you can put out an next-gen Camaro that meets these key personal items for me...I'll buy it.

- LT1...or whatever engine is ready for Camaro at the time...I just like all those fuel economy and performance goodies...

- Manual Transmission...duh

- Magnetic Ride Control

- Awesome 5th-gen evolved design that keeps that chopped-roof, low-slung look.

- Seating position is lower than 5th-gen

- Fantastic segment-appropriate interior (don't need all the leather or real Carbon Fiber like Corvette...but less exposed plastic would be nice)

- Driver Mode Selector

- Active Exhaust

- Black split-spoke wheels

- Optional, or standard, super-sticky rubber

- Aerodynamic vents/belly pans...things I can point to and brag about.

- That new "cheap" sprayed-carbon fiber or Fiberglass body panels

- Great brakes

- Limited-slip differential, and all the coolers to go racing with.

- Priced around 40-45k for all this stuff...

I love my ZL1, by the way. Awesome job!
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