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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Only question now is Alpha (ATS) or Alpha LWB (CTS).
Praying for Alpha.

Originally Posted by 2001ragtop View Post
I like what the GM executive said. Just because they are moving the Camaro to Lansing, does not automatically mean Camaro will have the ATS chassis.

I have wondered about that for a while. The idea that there are (2) Camaros on the lot. One is a 2014 weighing 3900. and a 2015 weighing 3400.

To me that is a drastic change. And it could "bother" the owners who have 2010-2014 models.

For this reason I have wondered what exactly they plan to do. I think people would be ecstatic to see a "new" Camaro that only weighs 3400 lbs or less. But when you do that, it makes the 2010-15 seem like those are inferior and (did not get the meaningful design it should have).

It did take time for the ATS to be developed. (Does the Gen 5 V8 fit into the ATS chassis? I have never checked on that. Surely it does. and if it doesn't, then they would make it fit for the Camaro I assume...)

Also, the ATS does not seem like it is all that wide. I'm curious what a Camaro-type of body shape would look like on that size chassis....
Thats just the way it is. How do you move forward without leaving something else behind? Look at the jump in performance from the 2010 Mustang GT to the 2011...huge difference.

A base Camaro in the 3,400lb or less range would be fan-damn-tastic, and if the ATS is any indication, then it is looking promising. If the car doesn't come out on Alpha, I hope GM has another top notch and lighter chasis up its sleeve.
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