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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
OK - a couple of thoughts....

First - I'm very unhappy to read a couple of the comments on this thread. This should not be about making snide comments as to where we build Camaros -- that's please, let's stop that...OK?

Second - I am proud of the men and women of Oshawa - they're doing a great job on all of the products that they build. All of them.

Third - we build RWD cars at Lansing Grand River. No one has said we're going to bring the next Gen Camaro off of Alpha or Sigma -- but I can tell you that Camaros have traditionally been RWD -- and frankly, I'll quote John Heinricy from years ago: "...the ugliest thing in the world would be to have smoke coming from the FRONT tires of a Camaro (or Firebird)..."


Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
I see absolute no reason why the 6th Gen should not be better than the 5th Gen. How is that any different than the C6 Vette buyer with the new C7 Vette or the old Impala and new Impala. All new cars and trucks from GM should be generational advancement in technology, performance and quality to deliver GM excellence. That is what GM expects and that is what their loyal customers deserve.

Originally Posted by RPO F55 View Post
The companies that are involved would certainly not admit this, but the CAW have only theirself to blame for forcing such an unrealistic contract on the big three.
"Only" is a big word...and it seems to ignore the much larger idea here of economies of scale and platform sharing...Whatever impact the cost of labor might have had - I hardly think it's the focus.

Especially not when they're adding vehicle production to the plant to make up for the eventual loss of Camaro. I said, I truly don't believe this to be the focus of the decision - and so I'll end my thoughts there.

Economies of Scale
Parts/Platform/Assembly Line sharing.

These three things are HUGE.

Ever since rumors started flying about Alpha...I've been wondering when this move would happen...surely it had to be inevitable.
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