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I like what the GM executive said. Just because they are moving the Camaro to Lansing, does not automatically mean Camaro will have the ATS chassis.

I have wondered about that for a while. The idea that there are (2) Camaros on the lot. One is a 2014 weighing 3900. and a 2015 weighing 3400.

To me that is a drastic change. And it could "bother" the owners who have 2010-2014 models.

For this reason I have wondered what exactly they plan to do. I think people would be ecstatic to see a "new" Camaro that only weighs 3400 lbs or less. But when you do that, it makes the 2010-15 seem like those are inferior and (did not get the meaningful design it should have).

It did take time for the ATS to be developed. (Does the Gen 5 V8 fit into the ATS chassis? I have never checked on that. Surely it does. and if it doesn't, then they would make it fit for the Camaro I assume...)

Also, the ATS does not seem like it is all that wide. I'm curious what a Camaro-type of body shape would look like on that size chassis....
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