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Originally Posted by velocity149 View Post
damn, that really sucks! I am really proud that the Camaro has been made in Oshawa for the run of the 5th gen, and was just talking to my friend the other day about going to the plant to se my 6th gen made when they are released and mine was ordered. This is probably going to destroy oshawa, as it looks like the Camaro is the leading car made here, and by the looks of the lots when theya re full, they are probably 70% camaros at any given time. damn, this is a nut shot to oshawa! :(
Oshawa will be fine. They build far more other cars than Camaros...and are apparently, destined to get some more.

They're not done, yet...and I'm certainly not saying goodbye so soon - they're doing GREAT!
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