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I'm sad to see the move of Camaro out of Oshawa. I live a couple kilometers from the plant. it was awesome to drive by the lot where the cars are parked waiting to have the stripes applied... see some of the first production runs of the ZL1 drive by. When I drive by in my SS there's a lot of pride!

There are valid and logical reasons for the move into the US. Though I'm sure many Canadian workers here feel it's just the same old "American Jobs Now" mentality of the corporation. I'm hopeful the incoming product lines into Oshawa will keep the workers going here. We need the jobs as much as anyone else.

I'm happy to see the US workers getting the needed jobs as well, believe me. We all need it!! I'm sure the workers will put as much pride into the 6th Gen Camaro coming up as the workers in Oshawa have with the 5th generation. I've talked to several and they are beaming with pride.

Heck my 2011 Cruze is made in OH and I can't say anything bad about my daily driver. It rocks too!

So please ladies and gentlemen, no bashing or bragging as I've seen in prior posts.... Camaro is and continues to be a fantastic car, no mater where it's made.... it's made with pride!
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