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This really worries me. The problem with the current V6 is weight, not power. 300 HP is great for the money. If the V6 lost about 300 pounds it would be a 13 second car out of the box without any power increase.

The ATS platform was a great sign that the V6 car would get that desired 300 pound diet. The ATS is what? 3400 pounds? And it is a Caddy so it is possible a V6 Camaro on the ATS platform could be as low as 3300 pounds.

A 400 pound diet definitely gets our V6 into 13s with no other mods!

BUT a turbo 4 cylinder, stock at least, is not going to be pushing out 300 hP. What will it make? 250-270?

We will get our diet, but also lose power. Making the 6th gen Ls/lt cars just as fast as the current 6.

And sure you can up the boost but how much boost do you think the engine will take?

And a boosted 3300 pound V6 LLT will be much faster than a boosted 3300 pound 4 banger.

All I'm saying is, I hope they keep the LLT in the line up AND offer this engine! If all we can get is the 4 cylinder, it will be a disappointment!
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