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Originally Posted by BlackMamba88 View Post
Short, Phat, Wide, & Lighter... That is exactly what I want it to look like, basically a face lift 5th Gen
That is so darn sweet, im so glad I held out. I will be selling my Beast Blue Challenger R/T to get that baby.

Hey Taylor, do you know the engine selection? Thanks a lot for making my day a tad better!
Cool your heels there bro. This is not the next Camaro. Its some magazine's own rendering of what they think the 6th gen should look like with their own wish list of body panels on it. It is not official GM, therefore the 6th gen could and probably will look almost nothing like this. Don't sell the Challenger yet.
They tell me I have ADD, but they just don't underst... Hey look! A Camaro!

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