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Originally Posted by TiE2000 View Post
As much as I like Chevy's 2.0T, I don't see Chevy dropping it into the Camaro... and to be honest I hope not...
I'm gonna call it now.

base - V6
Z28 - V6TT
SS - V8
ZL1 - V8 S/C

(Z28 & SS, can be swapped depending on which one you think is the higher trim)
What would be the price points and power levels for the different trim levels?

When you say base V-6 do you mean LFX engine? so 321BHP (as in the alpha ATS).

V6 TT engine? which one as GM has been working on two different turbo V6 engines. One based on the 3.0L engine and another based on the 3.6L engine with the rumored power rating of the 3.6L engine being about 425BHP. In that case what would be the power level of the SS V-8 engine? based on some early data there is a 6.2L 475BHP Gen V engine.

Also its likely that future forced induction V8 engine will be twin turbocharged and not super charged. Seeing that the ATS V might pack a TT V-6 engine its also likely that the Alpha Camaro will pack the same engine.

I honestly would love to see a 5.0L V-8 engine dropped into a Z28 Camaro, would make things interesting. Add to that a 5.0L Hemi Cuda then we could have some real fun.....
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