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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
It wouldn't surprise me at all if Chevy goes away from 5th gen styling all together for something new. Every different generation before has been a new style, so it wouldn't surprise me if Chevy goes that way with the 6th gen.

So your saying you've NEVER seen a concept car and thought to yourself "wow, I'd really be interested in that car if it came to production" ???

Sure you haven't.

That's all I'm doing here....playing the "what if" game. I'm assuming it will be lighter, and have similar power figures.

Most of the information points to Chevy going on the alpha platform for the next gen, and so it will be lighter for sure IF Camaro goes to Alpha. It may be lighter by 400 lbs, or it may only be 100 lbs lighter, but it will be. I'd guess the base Camaro coming in at around 3,400 lbs, and that is based on information from the Cadillac ATS. Can you really not see the car getting lighter??

Also, you can bet your behind that it will be just as fast but likely faster than the 5th gen. They could put a slightly less powerful V8 in this car if its much lighter and the car will still be faster and more agile than the 5th gen, but that's neither here nor there.

Look, I'm not going to get into it further with you. You think me (and frankly everyone else here) showing interest in this sketch is silly...then so be it. Well talk in a year or two when the real information starts popping up.
The ZL1 was also assumed and expected to slaughter the GT500 in pretty much every way.. We all know that isn't true..

Though, I should ask.. If you're so up on performance and such.. Why did you get a V6 5th Gen?
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